​Kara, Lost 
Debut young adult novel.
“The life Kara makes for herself …[is] hard-won, commendable, and described with great texture and weight.”                                                                 -Terri Sutton, University of Minnesota, English@Minnesota

 “Susan Niz’s protagonist feels so real; long after I put the book down, my mind kept wondering if she made the right decisions, hoping she found the refuge she deserves.” 
                                                                                                    -Reach Magazine, CLA, University of Minnesota

Kara, Lost is "a masterful piece of historical fiction combined with a gritty, hard-hitting tale of the perils of being a runaway teen."                                                                 -Jenifer Wagner, Dakota County Librarian

“In Kara, Lost, Susan Niz's wonderful eye for detail and uncanny insight bring a troubled teenager's world to life. Kara's fierce determination to forge her own path in life and the challenges she faces on every front ring true. So true, in fact, that at times I wanted to put down the book and go find that girl and give her a home. A masterful debut.”                         -Alison McGhee, Minnesota Book Award Winner 

“Smart as hell. A suspenseful ride on the dark side made particularly compelling because of its fearless-fearful heroine. This is a great book!”                         

“It’s very compelling. Kara is so alone and so abandoned. Harrowing! I was terribly worried about her welfare.”                                                                                                  -Julie Schumacher, Author of Black Box 

"Kara’s complex story still haunts me. Kara, Lost is powerful." 
-Kirstin Cronn-Mills, Author of The Sky Always Hears Me: And the Hills Don’t Mind

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